Did you know that Cambridge English Language Assessment offers webinars on how to teach for various skills in the Cambridge exams? You can sign up to receive updates and alerts on all offered webinars. Consult "Resouces for Teachers" on their website -
Cambridge English TV
You can find videos of all levels of Speaking exams, past webinars and other important information on Cambridge English TV found on Youtube. Great for teachers and students!
Newsletter for Parents of young learners
Interested in helping improve your child's English? Sign up for the Newsletter for Parents on the Cambridge English Language Assessment website
YLE 2018 updates
YLE Starters, Movers and Flyers will be updated as of January 2018. To learn more about the changes sign up for the upcoming webinars on 14 or 16 February-
Write & Improve
Write & Improve is an online tool that learners can use to submit writing and receive instant feedback that shows their mistakes and suggests ways to improve. This is a fabulous tool for both learners and teachers. Try it now!!