Q: How do I enrol for a Cambridge English Examination exam?
A: You can enrol through a language school or individually on our online registration. You can also contact the Geneva & Vaud West-Lausanne centres for details: info@cambridgeenglish-geneva.ch, info@cambridgeenglish-vaudwest.ch
Q: When do I have to pay for the exam?
A: You have to pay within 3 days of the exam entry deadline.
Q: How many types of Cambridge English Examinations Centre are there?
A: Cambridge English Language Assessment offers English language qualifications for learners at all levels and in all contexts (e.g. English for Young Learners, Business English, and General English) and a suite of internationally recognised English language teaching awards. For a full list of Cambridge English Examinations Centre go to www.cambridgeenglish.org
Q: Do I need to follow a course to take the exams?
A: No. Although most candidates do follow a course before taking the exam, it is not a requirement. Contact the Centre to find out about registering for the exam as an individual.
Q: What materials can I use to study for my Cambridge English Examination?
A: If you are looking for books and materials to help you prepare for Cambridge English Examinations Centre there is a huge range available. Please click for a list of publishers that offer materials related to the Cambridge English Examinations Centre listed. For more details, please contact the publisher directly. You can also download the Cambridge English Examinations Centre Handbooks which contain sample papers or purchase some of the past papers used in Cambridge English Examinations Centre. Click to prepare and practice.
Q: Can I take a Cambridge English Examination if I have any specific physical or learning difficulty?
A: Yes, the Centre is happy to make provisions to help candidates with special needs. Click for more information.
Q: When do I have to arrive at the examinations venue?
A: You must always arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of each paper and 30 minutes before the Speaking Test.
Q: Can I use a dictionary or spell checker during the exam?
A: No.
Q: Can I eat, drink or smoke during the exam?
A: You may only have a small bottle of STILL water with you during the exam.
Q: Can I take a mobile phone to the examination?
A: No! If you have a mobile phone with you, you will be asked to turn it off and keep it with your belongings in a designated area or to hand it over to the Supervisor.
Q: Can I choose my partner for the Speaking Test?
A: Yes. This must be specified before the entry deadline.
Q: Can I choose any day for my Speaking Test?
A: No. The Centre specifies which day the Speaking Test will be on.
Q: Can I change the date of my Speaking Test AFTER I have received my Exam Timetable?
A: Yes, only if the Centre considers the reason for change to be a valid one.
Q: What happens if I want to withdraw my registration?
A: If you withdraw your registration before the registration deadline, you will receive a refund. If you withdraw after the deadline, you may be granted a part refund on medical or compassionate grounds. See Terms and Conditions.
Q: What must I remember to take with me to the exam?
A: You must bring your Confirmation of Entry and passport or photo identity card with you.
Q: If I fail one paper, do I fail the whole exam?
A: No.
Q: What if something happens during the exam which might influence my performance?
A: If you feel that you were affected by intolerable circumstances immediately before or during your examination, the Centre can apply for you to be given special consideration. Contact your centre for more information.
Q: What happens if I unavoidably miss part of an exam?
A: If something which you can't prevent happens and it stops you from taking one or more part(s) of an exam, contact your Centre Examis Manager as soon as you can. If you miss the speaking test (and for some exams, the listening test), it may be possible for you to take the test at another time. If you miss one part of an exam and it is not possible for you to take it later, it may be possible for Cambridge English Examinations Centre to award a grade. If you miss more than one part, it may be possible for the Centre to return some of your fee.
Q: If I cannot take the exam, do I get my money back?
A: If you inform the Centre before the registration deadline, you can have a full refund.If you have to withdraw from the exam on medical grounds or if you miss the exam because of illness, you must contact the Centre to clarify if a refund can be made.
Q: If I was unable to take the exam, can I re-take it?
A: You may of course sit the exam in the next session and you should contact the Centre to arrange for this. You must register and pay the fee again. It is not possible to transfer fees from one session to another.
Q: How long will my score be valid?
A: The simple answer is that once you have obtained a Cambridge English Examinations Centre exam (apart from IELTS), this is valid for the rest of your life. However, people forget things, and language skills can become rusty. When employers or educational institutions make a decision on whether to rely on a certificate obtained some years previously, they will need to take into account a number of factors, most importantly whether the holder has kept up his or her use of the language. Click for information on which employers and educational institutions recognise Cambridge English Examinations Centre exams. If you have taken IELTS, your score will only be valid for two years. Click for more information on IELTS.
Q: What happens if I lose my certificate?
A: It is Cambridge English Language Assessment's policy not to issue duplicate certificates when the original has been lost. However, they will provide a Certifying Statement of Results for candidates in accordance with the conditions specified on by Cambridge English Language Assessment. Please contact the Centre for more information: info@cambridgeenglish-geneva.ch, info@cambridgeenglish-vaudwest.ch or go to the website www.cambridgeenglish-geneva.ch, www.cambridgeenglish-vaudwest.ch for more details.
Q: What is the difference between the Cambridge English for Schools exams and the others? For example, PET for Schools and PET ?
A: Cambridge English (KET, PET and FCE) for Schools exams are designed for primary and secondary school students.
Q: If I take a Cambridge English for Schools exam will « for Schools » appear on my certificate?
A: No. The name of the examination will appear only.
Q: Why is my photo taken?
A: Cambridge English Language Assessment examinations are becoming increasingly high stakes with many organisations worldwide recognising them for a range of purposes. As a result, test day photos are mandatory for Cambridge English Language Assessment examinations except for the Cambridge English for Schools exams – KET for Schools, PET for Schools and FCE for Schools. This also increases the security of the examinations.
Q: Who has access to my photo?
A: No-one will be able to access your photo unless you give them access to it.